Sunday, May 10, 2015

Front Drum Inspection and Removal (part 3)

Yesterday with the help of a friend we removed the front drum.  It would be more accurate to say we removed the rest of the machine from the drum.

After removing the brake band and blocks we used a forklift to raise the machine slightly and slide it sideways off the drum.
The good news is that although the flex mount on the bearing is separated from the backing plate but it may be useable.  Thinking of welding a cage around it to hold it in place

One the left is the good flex mount and the broken one on one right.  The backing plate for the broken on is still on the machine.


  1. I need some help finding parts for this machine , same model . Do you have any info on where to start. Bill-

  2. Any help is greatly appreciated

  3. Depends on what parts you need.
    Unless its engine parts you are looking at junkyards.