Sunday, August 28, 2016

Restoring the Seat

The seat is supported by two heavy metal L shaped brackets.   The wood on the bottom seat has rotted.  In doing so it held water that rusted the bracket under it.   Fixing the seat will require new plywood foundations.  The top plywood is intact and can be copied.  The bottom is mostly gone so I am going to try copying the shape of the foam.

The first bracket is in the reverse electrolysis bath to remove rust.

Friday, September 16, 2016

One of the seat supports has finished de-rusting.   Moved onto the seat foundations.

The original seat back foundation was used for the pattern.  For the bottom I had to use the cushion.

Lacking suitable 3/4 inch ply I laminated 2 1/2" sheets.

I made the mistake of using the original seat back as a drill guide.  The hole on the right is nearer the edge, just as it was on the original seat.

To be continued

September 2020

Painted the seat and eventually left it outside on the roller and the paint dies.  Its now 4 years later and I have sanded the seat, rounded the edges and repainted it.   Just need ot get the holes drilled and see if the lady still wants to do upholster it.

The carb runs over when I tried to start it.  Have to pull the carb apart and clean the float bowl.  This is the carb where you have to remove the main jet to get the bowl off.  (A reminder to me)

Friday, June 3, 2016

Preparing to put the VR30RE into action.

I have been thinking of some projects where the roller would be useful.  I have had the roller for a few years and it is time to put it to use.

But currently the carrier needs new tires,  the rubber suspension on other side of the drum has died, and the seat is plywood with sheet rock screws protruding from it.

The engine started easily enough.  Just turn on the gas, open the throttle, choke it, and hook up the jumper cables. And make sure the transmission is in neutral.

Drove it off the carrier and parked in on the drive in front of the shop.

I have arranged to get the seat upholstered.  First I need to make new plywood for the seat and backrest.    Thinking 2 layers of Baltic birch.   The trick is that the plywood mounts to 2 angle brackets that bolt to holes on the machine.  To work the spacing needs to be correct.  I have the back but the bottom is mostly gone.   One back and one front corner of the seat are still recognizable so I can get the shape from that.

The angle brackets are counter sunk for the screw heads.  I have 3 of the 4 screws for the back, missing one.  They are bugle head with slots.  Need to source new ones all around if I can.  Maybe Fastenall.    The screws screw into t-nuts on the other side of the plywood.

I think the first step will be to cleanup and paint the brackets.  That way they will not make the new plywood dirty.  Not that anyone but the lady doing the upholstery will see it.  But if it is neat she may do a better job.

When I loaded the roller on the carrier the chain became very loose.  This caused me to think the other rubber suspension part had failed.     Unlike the other one it may not be fully seperated.  So I will do the fix where I sandwiched the rubber between the two plates with bolts.  Sort of cuts out the vibratory part but better than nothing.

Image from when I bodged the other side.

Not sure what was up with the carb.  I don't know if it was still leaking when the motor was running but it did not flood.  Will keep an eye on it.