Friday, January 17, 2014

Pictures of My Roller from 2011

We first saw this roller 2 years earlier at the city auction but did not bid on it.  Luckily no one else did either.  It was still in this exact spot when we bid on it in 2013.    Looking at these pictures reminds me how much work it took to just move it.  The drive chain was rusted solid and buried in the ground.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Front Drum Inspection and Removal (part 1)

I bit the bullet and started on the front drum.

The right side came off without too much problem using my air impact.

The flex mount to the right is bonded to the plat and the bushing it its center.    From what I can see the mount on the other side has let loose of the plate.

The other side did not go nearly so well. The photo to the left shows the bolt I ground down because the head was stripped.

I do not understand how this pulley is supposed to come off.

<missing image from the manual>

I have removed 3 bolts from the face.  There is a hole on the top that could well be for a set screw but so far repeated cleaning with pbBlaster has not revealed anything that an allen will go into.     It turns out that the pulley on this machine is the style used on post 72 machines shown here.  The diagram is rather poor.  It does not show the 3 bolts I removed from the face although it does show that slot in the bushing opposite the keyway.

Jan 12

The slot in the bushing tells me that if collapes a bit when forced into the pulley to make a tight.  If that is the case a few blows with a chisel between the hub and pulley should knock it loose but it did not.  There must be an allen screw locking it down from the top in the picture above.


Friday, January 3, 2014

Flex Mounts

In preparation to pulling the front drum off I am doing some research.   According to the manual they used the rubber flex mounts on the front axle from 1966 to 1974

 With Flex Mounts

Without Flex Mounts

Part 104 (EDIT: Think its 105) is the flex mount.  The 2nd image shows the post 1974 version without the flex mount.

My thinking is that I can make laminated wood bushing to replace the rubber if needed.  If that does not work it may be possible to have the welding shop make up parts similar to 150 in the 2nd image to eliminate the flex mounts.  The axle aka the vibrator shaft has different part numbers for the two arrangements so I doubt one could do a bolt on replacement without swapping out the front drum.