Sunday, May 17, 2015

Replacing the Front Drum

The drum is not as heavy as it looks.  Popped it up into the bucket with no problem.

Used the loader to slide the drum under the body.
Pushed it about 1/3 of the way and it snagged the body pushing it about 6 inches in the front,

Repositioning the drum and tractor once was enough.

Drum all the way in and the flex mount bolted to the body.
Longer view.

This is the 'repaired' flex mount from the driven side.  It will be used on the non driven side because it is easier to get to if it fails again.   Note the red loctite in 3 of the 4 threaded holes holding it together.  The 4th hole has a lock washer and nut.
Greased the axle and slid the flex mount in place.

Bolted the flex mount support in place.  Only the 3 bolts that hold the flex plate to it are left.

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